Jerry grew up in the shadow of the gentle hills that grace the Minnesota/South Dakota border, just east of where the west begins.  As a life-time resident of southwestern Minnesota he has sung about the prairie and it's people for over  40 years. 

He has developed an engaging musical style that blends the blues, country, and folk music into a rich, fertle ground where stories grow.  With a vioce that's true to the region, he sings about trains, love, the wind and what's just over the hill.

Jerry continues to write songs with a sincerity and passion that comes with knowing a place well.  His country blues style provides a solid foundation for his inspired lyrics.  Together they beckon like the lonesome whistle of a frieght train just beyond some distant hill.  His current CD " 'Just East of West",  continues to grow in popularity throughout the region and beyond.

Jerry makes his home in an old railroad house just outside of Sacred Heart, Minnesota where the trains still ramble by, close enough to rattle the windows....and the heart.
   by:  Carol Ford         Due to health reasons I'm no performing.  Thanks everyone for your support.   Jerry